“The friendship, the accountability, the training buddies, 100% make the program. It's so much easier to train in the bleak darkness of winter with friends.”

"RunKNOX was such a wonderful opportunity. I have never been a “runner,” and couldn’t physically run a mile without stopping. I knew the benefits of running were great for physical health and needed to get into shape after breaking my foot. I am still in awe of the mental benefits I received from RunKNOX. The friendly group made weekly runs so much fun. I learned about Knoxville outdoor spaces and running trails that I didn’t know existed. The group challenged me beyond what I couldn’t have ever done on my own in a very encouraging culture.”

“Running with RunKNOX is awesome and keeps me on track with running. The community and coach have helped me go way above and beyond reaching my goals. Now to figure out what the next goal to chase will be...”

“This is an awesome program! It was a lot of fun training with other people for the marathon and even on the cold, rainy, windy, etc. days, it gave me encouragement to have other awesome people to train with. I will highly recommend this to anyone looking to have fun and learn more about running.”

“Couldn't ask for a better group to run with. The Tuesday workouts are great and something I would not do on my own on most weeks.”

“Before RunKNOX, I loved running, but I wasn't training. My approach was just to get in the miles and nothing else. RunKNOX taught me run smart training - the value of having a goal and making each run a step to reach it.”